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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Every carpet cleaning job we have the pleasure of cleaning is unique and requires a process that we have spent years creating to achieve amazing results. No matter if we're restoring your carpet or if we're cleaning for regularly maintenance. All of our cleaning solutions are family and pet safe.


We kindly ask that you remove any personal items from your carpet before we arrive and pick up larger debris.

If there are any small furniture items that we'll be moving please make sure any breakables such as picture frames, lamps, and glassware, etc are removed from them and placed in an area we're not cleaning. Accidents can happen and we'd like to prevent them from happening as much as possible because we care about your home and your belongings.

Please keep children and small pets away from our hoses and tools. The door we access your home from will be opened slightly and we don't want to see Fluffy make a run for it.

When our customers prep for us ahead of time it helps us to be efficient so that we can keep our services competitive and affordable.

Please walk us through the areas you're wanting clean and let us know any of your concerns. If there are specific spots that you know about this would be a great time to let us know what they are if possible. During this stage of our process we will make any recommendations that will be helpful in making your carpet last as long as possible. You will NEVER experience bait and switch tactics or high pressure sales from us. Many times we're able to quote an accurate price over the phone but some situations require us to be able to see your carpet before that is finalized. We will give you a price before we start so there are no surprises at the end.

We kindly ask that you keep any children or pets away from our cleaning equipment, hoses, and tools.

You can vacuum before we arrive if you'd like but we will vacuum the carpet as well to ensure we remove as much dry particulate and soiling as possible before we begin the "wet cleaning" / hot water extraction process.

We apply spotting agents and treat things such as paint, grease, koolaid, soda spills and other common spots. After we spot the carpet we'll mix and apply a general cleaning solution to break up soils and dirt. Our cleaning solution works on a variety of common spots and dirt so sometimes pre-treating with our specialty spotters isn't needed.

Note: If you've used any store bough products to attempt to remove any spots or stains, please make us aware of that. It can change how we approach the stain or spot to ensure we do not damage the carpet!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our next carpet cleaning step is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Our carpet cleaning machine produces water temperature of 200-230 degrees and is great for removing stubborn soil but also helps to sanitize the carpet. Our cleaning tool immediate extracts the broken up soil and cleaning solution and sends it to a holding tank in our van/truck. We do extra extraction or dry strokes to remove as much soil and moisture from the carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you need carpet cleaning for your business, we do offer the same steam cleaning / hot water extraction we do for resident clients but we also offer low moisture cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning's greatest benefit is that it dries in 1-2 hours. Our low moisture equipment allows us to keep your building secure while we're cleaning. It is quiet and can even be used during business hours to clean common areas if needed.

We have small but powerful carpet drying fans that we can place in the areas that we've cleaned. These carpet drying fans significantly improve the drying time so that you can use your carpet again more quickly. Until the carpet has completely dried, we recommend you take caution when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces like tile or wood as it may be slippery. Also do not remove any furniture blocks or tabs until the next day.

If you're a busy family with young children or you simply want your carpet to last longer. We recommend having us re-apply a protective coating similar to Scotchgard on your carpet. The fiber protector creates an invisible barrier that makes it difficult for soil to attach itself to the carpet fibers. Your vacuuming will be more efficient as well. It also had liquid spill protective properties that help to prevent the spill from damaging the dye sites and creating a permanent stain. Any time you spill something on your carpet you want to BLOT THE SPOT as much as possible so that you're absorbing whatever spilled. Resist the urge to scrub as this can cause fiber damage.

Other Cleaning Services


upholstery cleaning

Much like the carpeted floors in your home. Your furniture and upholstery need some cleaning love as well. We can professional cleaning your upholstery to freshen it up, remove most spots and body oils. Unfortunately, regular vacuuming isn't enough to keep up with the soil load that your furniture can have, especially with a busy family. We can clean many fabric types such as: nylon, polyester, microfiber, cotton, and wood - or a mix of these.

Types for upholstery we clean:

  • Sectionals(4+ cushions)
  • Couches
  • Loveseats
  • Recliners
  • Ottomans
  • Dining Chair
  • Bar Stools

Tile & Grout

tile and grout cleaning

Tile and grout comes in many different styles and colors but isn't always the easiest flooring type to maintain. Our powerful tile and grout cleaning system is completely contained and gives us the benefits of pressure washing but without the mess. It blasts away dirt and grime and immediately extracts it out of the area. In most cases, you grout will look brand new, however there are times that a restorative process may be needed to remove stubborn spots in the grout lines. Here is a break down of our tile and grout cleaning process:

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

  • We look for any damaged tile or possibly damaged grout and will let you know right away if we find any
  • We mix and apply a tile and grout cleaner specifically for the type of tile flooring you have
  • Scrub with grout brush and/or powered rotary machine
  • High pressure rinsing breaks up and removes soils along with heat to clean and sanitize the floor
  • For tight to reach areas, an edging tool will be used. Appliances will only be moved if they roll easily across the floor
  • Dry floor with use of towel, bonnet, fans/air movers, etc as needed
  • (Optional but highly recommended) Grout sealer applied - if you have a natural stone like slate, we will seal the tile face and the grout lines.

Wood & Laminate
Floor Cleaning

concrete cleaning service


Our wood & laminate floor cleaning system provides your flooring a deep cleaning without sanding and without the mess. We use a variety of cleaning methods depending on the floor type that you have. For most floors we use a specially formulated cleaning solution and remove embedded dirt and soils from the floor. After the cleaning, we can re-apply a protective coating so that the floor is easier for you to maintain.

Maintaining Your Hardwood & Laminate Floors

Having hard wood floors is a great way to add value & elegance to your home. Many home owners love having hard wood floors because it's easy to clean & if properly cared for will last for many years. As a home owner, cleaning your hard wood floors requires a delicate touch. When cleaning your wood floors you want to use a microfiber mop. After, use a hard surface vacuum to remove any remaining debris & dust. Always wipe up any puddles or spills immediately when you notice them. Always remember water & wood do not go together. When applying your would floor cleaner you want to barely mist the floor while using your microfiber mop. Always make sure you use cleaners specifically formulated for hard wood floors & finishes. Have your wood or laminate floors professionally cleaned once a year.

You can help protect your wood flooring by using area rugs & padding underneath. Also it will help by using felt pads under furniture to help prevent scuffing or scratching the floor. By having your wood floors maintained on a regular basis, your floors will last for many years also protecting your investment.

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